Most people are attracted to buying a puppy by the way a certain breed looks. However you should take into consideration, the exercise requirements, grooming requirements, training ability of the puppy and the amount of time you can devote to the pet.

All our puppies are vet checked and given an intestinal worming tablet, been flea treated and have their first vaccination. The puppies are also micro chipped.

Many puppies can be upset for the first few nights in new surroundings. It will usually take a few days for them to settle down. It’s a new experience for the puppy and the more comfortable they are the more quickly they will settle in.

Grooming your dog regularly is a great opportunity to bond with your pooch and check out their overall condition. Regular grooming will eliminate mats and tangles. Grooming prevents excess shedding and skin disorders.In general you must treat your puppy for:

Most pups carry intestinal worms that have been transmitted from the mother when the pup was very young. As intestinal worms are only killed during certain stages of their life, it is important that you follow the worming program as described on the product. This may involve several doses over a period of weeks then months. Intestinal worms can also be transmitted from pups to humans, particularly children so it is essential that the worming program is followed completely. All pups sold from Noah’s Ark Pets have had at least one round of worming treatment however due to the life cycle of intestinal worms it is possible for the pup to still be carrying worms. As a guide, puppies should be wormed for intestinal worms every 2 weeks until 12 weeks old, then every month until 6 months, then every 3 months for the rest of their life. Please note: You can’t over worm your dogs, so if in doubt, re-worm your pup!!!

Heartworm is also an important issue for puppies. The disease is transferred via mosquitoes, so it is wise to start a prevention program from an early age. We recommend that you continue a heartworm prevention program while the pup is less than six months of age as you may avoid the need for a blood test.

Our puppies are treated with Advocate on arrival to our store, however this does not guarantee it does not have fleas. Fleas can be a problem for your puppy and your home if not kept under control. They can make life uncomfortable for your puppy, making them itchy and causing skin allergies. When your puppy has fleas it also means fleas may exist in the environment (your home, puppy’s bedding etc).  We recommend that you continue a flea prevention program after you take them home.