Noah’s Ark Pets provides Dog Boarding, Cat Boarding, Pets Day Care (Dog Day Care and Cat Day Care), Dog Grooming services. Cared by our experienced and dedicated staff, your dog or cat will be taken pride in offering personalised attention. We are always ensuring that the stay or caring of your pets with us is a happy and stress-free boarding experience.

Noah’s Ark Pets – Dog Boarding, Cat Boarding, Day Care Service Terms and Conditions:

Many thanks for boarding your pet (the dog, the cat, the pet) at Noahs Ark Pets. The pet owner (you) has agreed all below terms and conditions before purchasing any pet boarding (including day care) services from Noah’s Ark Pets (we, NAP). Please also see price list attached on each service page for accommodation price and other extra charges.

The latest C5 vaccination injection date should not be over 3 years. For any C5 injection date less than 3 years but over 1 year, a Kennel Cough vaccination should be done to the dog at least 2 weeks in advance of the check-in date.

A valid C3 plus Kennel Cough vaccinations is considered as same as a valid C5 vaccination.

The dog should have C5 / C3 / Kennel Cough vaccination at least 2 weeks in advance of the check-in date. A C5 / C3 (and Kennel Cough if needed) certificate should be presented to NAP’s reception on check-in day.

NAP may reject to accommodate the dog if valid vaccination certificates are not presented.

The dog needs to have a desexing certificate or a desex Exemptions certificate from your vet. NAP may reject to accommodate the dog if a valid certificate is not presented. An un-desexed dog is not allowed to stay in a share room.

The latest F3 vaccination injection date should not be over 1 years. NAP may reject to accommodate the cat if a valid vaccination certificate is not presented.

The dog or the cat should have been de-wormed regularly. NAP may help you to do the de-worming (extra fee applied).

NAP recommends you to bring the dog in to have a 15 minutes free assessment of socialising and health condition few days prior the check-in day. NAP may reject any dog on board or stop boarding service at any time if we believe the dog has any socialising problem or existing health problem. NAP will not take any unnecessary risks with canine socialisation or the dog’s healthy. So we expect that owners will notify us of any behavioural issues or health conditions they are aware of.

Shared Room are tailored towards friendly, well-socialised dogs who are happy sharing a spacious room with other dogs for the duration of their holiday with us, including overnight.


NAP always try best to match all dogs in social accommodation with doggy friends of a similar age, size and temperament. All dogs are monitored during the matching process by our trained staff who will ensure your dog is matched with their new friends. However, NAP may not guarantee any circumstances changing which cause conflict between dogs.

We also offer a 4-hour assessment to see how your dog will go during the day in our facility if you are not sure how your dog would share room with others. For more detail, please check the price list and speak to our friendly reception before the check-in.

NAP will look after the pet for the length of time stated in the contract. It includes below:

• High standard of cleaning and hygiene to keen the pet pen clean and tidy.
• Twice a day exercise and socialising in our exercise area for the dog. Each exercise is minimum of 15 minutes.
• Two Meals a day for overnight boarding, or one meal a day for day care service. Premium brand food is used unless other agreement arranged.
• Nose to tail health check & weighing on the dog arrival & departure.
• Lots of daily cuddles & interaction from our staff.
• Professional knowledge of looking after your pet for the happiness and well-being of the stay

The owner should understand that the dog will NOT be taken by NAP on ANY external walks from the boarding facility. You may arrange a third-party dog-walking service which NAP may charge extra administration fee to. You agree that there are additional risks for such dog walking service such as: the dog escaping from its harness. You understand risks of such third-party services and agree that these risks are all at your own expense and responsibility.

This pet food will be either provided by you or NAP. You should be aware prior the booking that using food provided by NAP may have some risks of a sudden change in diet for the pet. NAP is therefore not held responsible for any medical conditions that occur due to a change in diet. Please also note that there is an administration charge for owner provided food.Pre

If the dog or the cat currently has medication or requires additional care options, please do discuss this with NAP reception in as much detail as possible.

Please note there is a medication administration charge and extra rate for out of hours administration. Please check detail in price list.

Please prefill the medication form before the check-in.

All medications in the bottle administered from your vet should be with the vet label intact.

If the dog or the cat has serious conditions, NAP prefer you to choose alternative accommodation options such as veterinary boarding or another more suitable place. Some health conditions can be become worse and trigger further illnesses and complications for the dog or the cat by stress in new environments and schedules.

A 50% of the pet’s total stay price as a deposit (the booking deposit) is required upon making a booking. The pet’s stay cannot be confirmed until booking deposit is paid. booking deposit should be paid at the time of making the booking. We may not hold the space for the pet unless the booking deposit has been paid.

The booking deposit is not refundable. If more than 30 days cancellation notice is provided, NAP will gladly transfer your booking deposit as a store credit to your pet’s next holiday, or any purchasing in our store.

If cancellation notice is not provided within 30 days of your booking, you will forfeit 50% of the booking deposit and the remaining 50% shall be credit as a store credit. During the Christmas and Easter school holiday period, the booking deposit is non-refundable or transferable if 30 or less days notice is provided. UNDER ABSOLUTELY ANY CIRCUMSTANCES these conditions IS NEVER NEGOTIABLE.

The pet who arrives late or departs early from NAP will be charged for the entire booking including unused accommodation. No refund or credit will be given.

We reserve the right to cancel a booking due to the pet’s change of circumstances.

We do not accept the pet who are pregnant or on heat.

All store credits are non-refundable. A store credit is valid for 6 months and should be redeemed in only one purchase transaction. Any remaining balance of a store credit shall be invalid after a consumption of the store credit.

Only one store credit can be used per purchasing.

All store vouchers have same terms and conditions as store credits.

We reserve the right to decline or cancel any bookings for the dog or the cat who are aggressive or pose a threat to our staff. Any payments or associated costs will be the owner’s responsibility.

If the pet becomes aggressive and attacks either a pet or person, you (or the emergency contact person) will be contacted to collect the pet. In such case the pet should be picked up within 2 days. You or the emergency contact person should come or arrange a third-party to take the pet. For the safety of our staff members and other pet, the pet will remain in a separate cage until collected. The full medical bills are payable by you for any person or pet that is attacked.

In the event the pet shows any signs of severe sickness such as vomiting, diarrhea or weight loss, NAP will notify you and your emergency contact to seek instructions. If we are unable to reach you or your emergency contact on the telephone, we will attempt to contact you via the email address provided and seek instructions.

If you (or your emergency contact) are not contactable or we don’t get reply on time, we should make a decision based on the welfare and best interest of the pet. The pet should be taken to Vets @ Acacia Gardens at your expense to be treated unless another vet is agreed upon by both parties. NAP is always try everything in their power to ensure the wellness of the pet both mentally and physically. However, NAP is not held under any circumstances responsible for the death of any pets.

Should your pet require veterinary treatment, transport cost and NAP staff time spent at the vet should be charged by NAP. Please see attached price list.

NAP adhere to strict rules to prevent sickness/illness and parasite infestation in store, and therefore all pets for boarding need to have no contagious illnesses and need to be up to date with any preventatives. You therefore agree to the best of your knowledge that the pet is free from sickness and illness. Your pet has valid C5 and Kennel Cough (for dog), or a valid F3 (for cat) as per the Vaccination Requirement in this agreement. The pet should have up to date with heartworming and worming preventatives. You understand that if the pet has any sicknesses/illnesses or is found to have parasitic infestation (ticks, fleas, mites) then the pet will be treated for it at your expense, and any other pets that become affected, you will have to pay for their treatment as well.

NAP can’t be held responsible for any injury, illness, death, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever that does not directly relate to the care given by NAP. This also includes any unforeseen behavioural issues.

Brachycephalic breed of dog can have breathing health related issues and are also very prone to problems during heat and excitability. they can be prone to life threatening issues in a very sudden and short amount of time. NAP recommend vet checking prior the boarding. NAP can’t be held responsible for any health problems related.

For a pet boarding facility, no amount of supervision or hygiene practices can completely eliminate the presence of Kennel Cough or Canine Coronavirus. Although before check-in, all dogs should have valid C5 and Kennel Cough vaccinations, and all cats should have valid F3, this does not stop presence of Kennel Cough (Canine Cough), Canine Coronavirus, or Cat Flu.

If we notice any pet displaying symptoms of Kennel Cough (Canine Cough) or Canine Coronavirus or Cat Flu, the pet should be isolated from other pets to stop the spread of the virus. 

NAP is always following the high standard of cleaning and hygiene process. F10sc is spread twice a week.  This product is a veterinary disinfectant which achieves a broad spectrum kill of potentially harmful micro-organisms. It is active against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. It is an excellent product for achieving a high level of biosecurity effectively and safely as it poses no hazard to humans and is completely safe to use in presence of animals.

NAP will try our best to prevent any outbreak of Kennel Cough, Canine Coronavirus and Cat Flu. However, like Human Flu’s the virus is unpredictable even in the cleanest environment.  NAP will not be held accountable in the event that an animal contracts the virus but will make every attempt to make sure the pet is comfortable and treatment is sought.  Any veterinarian bill is payable by the corresponding owner.

Prices may increase each year to keep up with CPI and our increasing costs. All prices are subject to change without notice. Please note that the prices we provide are an estimate of your booking and that there may be a price rise before your booking comes around. Any increase in your booking order will only be maximum $2 per day, per pet increase.

If a refund is granted, an administration fee of 15% of the refund amount is charged (refund processing time is up to 14 weeks).

By making an application for a refund the customer acknowledges and accepts that the payment of any refund is done as an ex-gratia payment at the sole discretion of NRP.

Terms and conditions of accommodation are emailed to you prior to your pet’s stay. No refund will be accepted should you not agree with our terms and conditions at check-in.

Please note that all Saturday, Sundays and all Public Holiday’s will incur a surcharge. This surcharge is added to the base boarding price.

If the pet is not collected on the check-out date, triple service rates should be charged while the pet will be declared abandoned and will be handled at NAP discretion. The balance owing on the account, including fees & costs relating to the handling required, shall be payable by you forthwith after receipt of NAP’s advice as to the amount thereof. If the cost is not paid as provided above, legal proceedings will be instituted without further notice and all costs associated including debt collection fees will be payable by the owner.